A couple of short videos of Alex’s Viggen, first the maiden:

Watching the maiden flight you might thein it looks as if it’s made of cardboard and you would be right, here’s a little more:

Martin’s Mustang makes it’s maiden flight in early April in 2018.

A fairly calm evening settled down to flat calm and this was just a nice way to end the day. The sunshine on various parts of the field made for bumps of rising air, particularly noticable when passing from the rough grass to over the airstrip. The video shows some general flying, easy hand launches and some landings, oh and a glorious evening as the setting sun shone over the flying area. The horse flies where enjoying having me for dinner which was quite a distraction whilst flying such a light model.

“10/03/2017, an overcast day with some rain about and 12mph wind.  I had three batteries to use and having survived the first two I set up a couple of mobile phone cameras for the third and final flight of day. It all went fairly well really as despite being out of practice the model went home in one peice.” (Ian Jones)

Aerial footage of our flying site, courtesy of Paul Middleton.



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